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“If you wanna be a bear, be a grizzly… my dad used to tell me that when I was little- it means whatever you’re gonna do, try to be the best at it.” Bruce Lii is an independent artist from Pittsburgh, PA. Having the name Bruce, he’s inspired by Bruce Lee’s philosophy, attention to detail, and how he [Bruce Lee] moves and carries himself like a giant; they have some things in common. Bruce Lii writes his music and co-produces his songs. He says, “Sometimes I co-produce because I like picking the samples I use and working with different engineers/producers everywhere.”

Bruce’s newest single, “Went to London,” dropped on February 16, 2024, when he traveled to London. He is not just rapping when he was there, but how he has burned bridges with some people and how people did to him. Having three albums under his belt, he says, “My favorite work is always my most recent because it’s showing where I am in life at that moment.” With his attention to detail and consistency, he has a following of 33.6K overall on his social media!

With his Punk Rock, Pop, R&B, and Urban Rap style, he has something everyone can like, making him stand out. He has accomplished a lot in the music industry in just five years. He has traveled around to shoot music videos in the United Kingdom, Miami, Vegas, and New York City. Having his work music videos shown on BET and music played at public gyms. He always wants to perform on a bigger stage and touring overseas. When not in the studio, he travels and sightsees, recently visiting London and Scotland, where he filmed his music video.

His advice to new artists is to “be bold and hard-headed” and “It’s smarter to build up content and have a year’s worth of work before I start releasing music- that way, I’m staying consistent no matter what.”

Saying to his fans, current and new, “There’s more content coming soon.”

Social Media:

Instagram: Brucelii_

TikTok: Brucelii34

YouTube: @brucelii2221

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