Eastside Golf, a brand known for merging golf and fashion in a unique way, is introducing the 1961 Project to shine a light on golf’s complicated history as they continue to work toward a more inclusive future for the sport.


September 11, 1961, marks a pivotal moment in history, as it is the day that the PGA of America revoked the Caucasian-only clause, following persistent advocacy and legal battles led by trailblazing Black golfers such as Bill Spiller and Ted Rhodes. These efforts, and numerous years of competing and triumphing in tournaments led by Black golfers led to Charlie Sifford being the first African American to participate in the PGA TOUR.

Eastside Golf Black Apparel Brand is projected to do over 4 Million Dollar in Sales in 2024

Eastside Golf Black Apparel Brand is projected to do over 4 Million Dollar in Sales in 2024

Founded in 2019 by Olajuwon Ajanaku and Earl Cooper, Eastside Golf has become a trailblazing golf apparel brand, experiencing significant growth and projecting a revenue of $4 million by the end of 2023. With bold designs, the brand has contributed to diversifying the sport and gained recognition from luminaries like Barack Obama, DJ Khaled, Dwyane Wade, and CC Sabathia. Ajanaku and Cooper, former Morehouse College golf teammates, played key roles in the Tigers’ 2010 national championship, and their collaboration has made Eastside Golf a notable force in the industry.





The 1961 Project by Eastside Golf Sheds Light on Golf’s Past with Race and Pushes for a More Inclusive Future

Encompasses footwear, apparel, storytelling and community initiatives designed to acknowledge history while prompting change at every level of the sport



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